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Western University

Doctor's Degree

The applicant must possess a master degree in the respective discipline or related area in which he/she is interested to pursue the research from a duly accredited Institute/University.

I. Programmes

II. Discipline

  • Business Administration

  • Economics

  • Public Administration and Policy

  • Law

  • Political Science

III. Duration, Terms and Credits

The Programmes comprise three years (two years for coursework and another one year is course research) each year consists of three terms.

Each subject carries to 3 credits, equivalent to 48 hours of studies, The whole consists of 54 credits.

In the last term of the second year, a student has to take the comprehensive exam before writing the thesis.

IV. Fee Schedule

Ph.D Candidates are allowed to make payment in three different phases:

   .: Phase I (From the enrollment date till sixth month)

      The candidate has to pay USD2,000 for the first phase

   .: Phase II (Course-work duration)

      The candidate has to pay USD1,500 for the second phase

   .: Phase III (Dissertation-writing duration)

      The candidate has to pay USD1,300 for the third phase

   Total fee payment = USD 4,800

    *** Administration fee $100/year

V. Subjects, Credit Points and Terms

The Doctorate programme consits of a three year duration comprising 54 credits. Each credit   which  involves 16 hours of course work while each year of consists of three terms. The detail schedule of each term is issued at the start of the class.

In the first term the student has to prepare the thesis proposal, and has develop it in the second term of the first year on the topic of his/her choice in his area of specialization in consultation with the guide, This carries 3 credits. The suggested outline below may be helpful in organizing the proposal by the scholar. Depending on the nature of the topic under consideration, the scholar may substitute or add other headings which best describe the proposal.

  A. General introduction to the subject of proposed.
  B. Statement of the specific issue or problem the proposal will consider.
  C. Summarize any work already completed on the topic.
  D. Methodology to be followed in implementing the work.
  E. How necessary information and materials will be gathered.
  F. Any special techniques that will be employed (statistical analysis survey methodology, etc.)
  G. Possible conclusions, generalizations or recommendations.
  H. Partial bibliography
  I. Time schedule for completion of each activity.

VI. Requirements to get the reward of Doctoral Degree

  • Written Examination

  • Allocation of Doctoral Supervisor/Guide

  • Examination and Evaluation of Dissertation

Schedule of Study :

8:00 am - 11:00 am
Subject 1
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Subject 2

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Western University is seeking for qualified and result oriented Lecturers of Hospitality and Toursim related field subject.

The applications must have PhD., Master and/or Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism related field with 3 years

Please contact Western University Office: Address:#15, Street 528, Sangkat Boeungkok I, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA.
Tel: 089 841 050

Please click on Job Announcement for detail.

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