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Western University

.: Program Description

The BBA Program is designed to prepare undergraduate students to become business leaders with the practical knowledge, professional skills, high-order thinking skills, ethical value and self-oriented habits. The program focuses on themes related to accounting, economics, finance, management, management information systems, business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

.: Program Objectives

  • To provide a well founded understanding of management and business concepts in alignment of the economic growth for the Nation and the Region as a whole
  • To enhance effective communication, problem-solving, language and technological skills that will benefit students in their future career or business
  • To develop critical and creative thinking skills that will enable students to identify and evaluate business opportunities, manage risks and learn from results
  • To develop socially responsible human resources who can actively contribute in solving economic problems of the Region and the Nation

.: Career / Business Opportunities
  • Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
  • Business consultanta
  • Executive career in
       .: Management
       .: Business development
       .: Human Resource
       .: Marketing
       .: Accounting
       .: Public relation
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Western University is seeking for qualified and result oriented Lecturers of Hospitality and Toursim related field subject.

The applications must have PhD., Master and/or Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism related field with 3 years

Please contact Western University Office: Address:#15, Street 528, Sangkat Boeungkok I, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA.
Tel: 089 841 050

Please click on Job Announcement for detail.

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