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Western University

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Western University

Western University was founded as a university by a sub-decree 72 on 17 November 2003 by its owner, Mr. Te Laurent. Mr. Laurent also started the Western International School in the same year. In 2005 with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Western University branch was also established in Kompong Cham province.
Mr. Laurent, is the Rector of Western University, is a graduate of Economic Science in Finance and Banking in University of Sorbonne, Paris, France.

The University is continually fortifying its executive setup and academic processes to enable it to Provide high quality education in support of the human resource developments that Cambodia needs to support its development. To this end, it has embarked on a program to further improve the quality of its teaching to reach international standards.


Western University is a private university offering undergraduate, graduate academic programs as well as professional and corporate training programs for general public.

As a community, the university practices its strong belief in quality education by educating students and pursing excellence in scholarship.

Western University's motto "Where Quality Comes First!" conveys its aim of producing graduates who are:

  • Entrepreneurial and competitive professionals ready to face the challenges of the future

  • computer literate

  • outstanding communicators (especially using the English language)

  • skilled in their area of studies

  • able to establish and maintain good interpersonal relationships

  • highly employable professionals whose skills are relevant to he labor market

  • adaptable and able to apply their skills in new or emerging areas

  • creative and independent thinkers who are able to engage in research

  • Prepared to further their education in other prestigious universities in Asia and other parts of the world.

  • Scholars who value higher learning and possess a spirit of inquiry

  • propagators of peace, justice and development.

In order to produce such graduates, Western University commits itself to:

  • Its students- by continuously providing high quality academic services complemented with research-based pedagogy, facilitating and managing independent learning, preserving traditional Khmer values and culture, and inculcating and developing national pride.

  • Pursuing personal and academic development for both academic and non-academic staff

  • The Nation- by promoting peace, justice and development and reinforcing mutually beneficial links to the local and international community.

Therefore, Western University is committed to:

  • Excellence in academic inquiry and professional preparation;

  • Relationships which encourage intellectual, spiritual and moral development;

  • Community where diversity and professionalism is appreciated;

  • Zeal for life-long learning and service.


Western University envisages to be:

  • Acknowledged as one of the best private university offering high standard of education invarious accounting and other related subjects;

  • Renowned for serving the best interests of students at all stages of their lives and at different levels of professional and personal development;

  • Focused on the development of skills for critical and creative inquiry and communication enhanced by latest technology;

  • Fortified by a dedicated, diverse and demonstrably competent faculty and staff, well respected in the community and in their respective fields;

  • Characterized by financial health and fiscal prudence, which a physical environment and facilities conducive to its educational mission;

  • Respected as an educational university whose graduates make their mark through their stewardship of human and natural resources and service to their community at large


In order to be a university as set out in its mission statement, WU has identified a series of level goals and objectives that form the basis for its internal strategic planning as well as indicating to the Government and the community how the university, intends to meet and sustain its profile and exceed the minimum requirements for accreditation as a university A long-term goal of WU is to be recognized a mong in the international community of universities. Accordingly, the University is making its priority to build its strengths and resources. To this end, it can already demonstrate that it is primarily concerned with teaching and learning at a higher level, i.e. that most of its students have enrolled in Associate, Bachelors, and Masters and Doctoral (PhD) Degree programs in addition to the Diploma in Foundation Studies.

The University is firmly focused on increasing its diversity of programs at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. However a clear focus is to increase the proportion of its postgraduate to undergraduate students.

WU is also committed to the advancement of knowledge through research and scholarships which informs its teaching and learning, and encourages teaching who are not already actively engaged in research, to develop a research plan.


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Western University is seeking for qualified and result oriented Lecturers of Hospitality and Toursim related field subject.

The applications must have PhD., Master and/or Bachelor Degree in Hospitality and Tourism related field with 3 years

Please contact Western University Office: Address:#15, Street 528, Sangkat Boeungkok I, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA.
Tel: 089 841 050

Please click on Job Announcement for detail.

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